Fit Exercise

Fit Exercise
How I can get a fit body? What kind of exercise should I do?

Hello! As we all know Americans are the people fit in the world. I like to eat all that food in the form … And I'm tired of looking in the mirror and see the same ass body and what type of exercise should I do??

Eat vegetables grilled chicken breasts and grilled fish. Cross training is really a great way to go. Sunday – Try to run a mile after walk a mile. If you can not make a full effort is functioning very well. Click on as you can. Tuesday – Run 0.10 miles sprints 5 times. Cool apart. Jog / speed of 0.5 miles on foot. Tuesday – Ride a stationary bike for 45 minutes. Then do 35 of each. Bicycle Crunches Sit ups Sit ups Wednesday – Remove and let your body heal. Thursday – Run again. Same as Monday. Press the best I can. Tuesday – Weight Training. Boddy Work your upper and lower body. Saturday – Remove. A lifestyle of healthy eating and exercising properly your body will change dramatically. Be patient. Results come with time, not during night. Note – Increase your workout and get in better shape. Going long distance races. Longest trip on the bike. Lift more weight or add more repetitions. Good luck!

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