Floral Plant Tree

Floral Plant Tree
Can anyone identify this small tree very white?

I found this little gem in the wooded area behind our house – I know I've seen before (perhaps in a floral arrangement – I guess that's how it got there). There is a smaller one a few meters to the left. I live in southwest Pennsylvania – I'm not sure if that helps, if not * think * it is a plant native to the area. I adored this little wonder for months and can not seem to figure out what it is. Any help would be fantastic! Thanks! =) 1 Picture: the complete "tree" – no higher than 18 " second image:. A closeup of the pearl white "leaves" – which appear to be more like the seed pods for me. third picture: background, this time from the second, smaller "tree."

sip … Lunaria …. collect seeds and plant in your garden instead …. Spring flowers are beautiful ….. choose a place where you can propagate a limited distance without altering that as it spreads rapidly by seed and multipy …. a good place is between the house and the sidewalk that goes around them … so that the seeds are contained, a kind of … you know ?….. here are photos of her in bloom …. and something about how to grow … when the state is now, these silver dollars are great additions to dried flower bouquets !!!…. To obtain the seeds without breaking the dollars, pass between thumb and index finger like you're trying to separate one dollar bills stuck ……. the seeds fall where one of the papery layers fall … but still other layers will be left …. papyracea !!….. nice things

Gardening Tips : How to Plant a Tree or Shrub From a Container

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