Tricolor Tri Color

Tricolor Tri Color
What is your favorite dog breed and why?

My favorite is the dog breed border collie, because they come in different colors. My favorite colors Merle border collie is lily, tricolor blue, white and sable. Here is a list of all colors. Tri black and white, black, blue merle, tri-color Merle blue, chocolate (red / brown) and white chocolate chocolate chocolate tricolor tricolor Merle Merle blue and white, slate blue slate Merle Merle tricolor tricolor and lilac lilac lilac Merle lilar tricolor tricolor white label sable and black and white blackbird This is the Web page to see a picture of all the colors of border collies.

Border Collies are one of my favorites as well. I love the white lilac, chocolate and white, and black and white original the best. I love the intelligence, energy and the overall appearance of Border Collie. My other favorite race would have to be Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Toller Duck) because they too are intelligent, energetic and beautiful. Although it is hard to pick favorites – I love all dogs!

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