Timer Calorie

Timer Calorie
How I can do to shut ???!!!???!!!??

The other day, I received some of Bally Total Fitness "talking weight, "(these things:, but had no manual (I have them second hand. They were brand new, except for the fact that it had opened and all documents had been removed from the box.) I especially like them because of the fact that they have a screen, as well as cardio equipment, which has the duration of your exercise, the total number of repetitions, calories burned, etc. The only problem with these — dumbbells talk is talk. Constantly. Aloud. And whistle like a oven timer, apparently at random. It is quite annoying. Therefore, my question is: Is there a way for me to turn off the sound, but still have the magical display of knowledge?

You can listen to music to block the noise? and work No link

Calorie + Pulse Digital Watch with EL Backlight and Timer Al

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