Ultra Toner

Ultra Toner
I think that will work?

Do you think that might work? If i stick to it? Lemon with hot water every morning. Then Wheatabix only loads of water during the day around 5 I have a salad and either fish or chicken with it and fruits for later. I also do a-two hours exercise every day. Crunches work outs ultra toner leg shaper. And I'm swimming baths 3 times a week also im weighing 5.2 + 9.3 i want lost over a stone and get fit in three weeks, will it work? x

That is not enough food to keep your energy level. Your body goes into starvation mode and end up losing muscle too. Do some research about how many calories you need for your activity level. Much depends on it: how much they weigh, how healthy you are, and how much activity do your reality. Remember that your body burns calories just existing, and needs at least that many just to survive. It's called "basal metabolic rate, and is a good place to start your research. Find out what yours is and you will know about the amount of calories you use today. To lose weight, you need to burn 500 or 500 less to eat every day to earn a loss of 1 pound of weight in a week. And remember, your body will not do much for the first week two. You'll lose water weight, maybe, but it will take time for changes to be made of truth. Good luck and stay healthy!

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