Tds Ppm Meter

Tds Ppm Meter
Can Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water?

I'm doing an experiment with Disinfection Solar Water. I'm looking at the different test digital meters that measure water purity water using parts per million, ppm. The ppm in the water told me the reason of the total amount of solids in the water to the whole water. However, SODIS disinfect water. Deactivates bacteria and pathogens in it, and do not know if it affects the TDS at all. In my experience, I have to somehow compare the disinfected water before and after having been disinfected. Not sure if this water meter digital evidence would help me do that, because it measures the total dissolved solids not microorganisms. Is there anything that is not too expensive that could allow me to making this comparison? Do you think you could use this meter even though no microorganisms measure? I really need help. I buy my materials at this time and I have no idea what to do.

Hi, I do not think you will see a change TDS after the solar disinfection, however you might see some reduction suspended solids. The experiments that have run in the last 6 years in the field in Uganda, often showed a decline while, almost invisible particles and clotting in some fashion with UV or heat the likely effect of the sun. Bottled water was very clear when set in the sun, often had a very fine precipitate at the bottom end of the day. Not sure if this helps, but good luck with your experiments. Bob Dell Chairman of the School of Water


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