Cedar Creek Cedar

Cedar Creek Cedar
Need directions to Cedar Creek Falls San Diego …?

Can anyone provide me with instructions to Cedar Creek Falls in San Diego. I come from La Jolla.

Learn more about trips to Cedar Falls here: To get from Julian La Jolla (which is near Cedar Falls) These are the directions: 1. Take the CA-52 E toward SAN CLEMENTE CANYON. 6.4 miles 2. Take KEARNY VILLA RD / JUNCTION I-15 exit. 0.2 miles Map 3. Take I-15 Junction exit on the left. 0.3 miles 4.: Take I-15 N via the exit on the left. 6.8 miles 5. Take the SCRIPPS POWAY PKWY exit-exit number 17 – toward Mercy RD. 0.3 miles 6. Turn RIGHT SCRIPPS POWAY PKWY. 8.6 miles 7. Turn left onto CA-67. 10.9 miles 8.: CA-67 becomes CA-78. 22.1 miles 9. Stay straight to go toward WASHINGTON ST. <0.1 miles 10. Turn right onto 3rd ST. <0.1 miles 11. End Julian, CA USA The website mentioned above has the direction of Julian. Drink lots of water!

Cedar Creek Mine Ride POV

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