Grains Raw Milk

Grains Raw Milk

We have all seen, 100% whole wheat bread which is next to white bread. It seems that white bread, but says Rich. Enriched with what? Well, let me back a little. When the wheat is harvested the whole grain is taken to the refinery. REFINERY, did you see that! The wheat is heated to a point in the germ and bran fall. The left is the starch, the white part is not good for you part. The party has a long shelf life and is resistant to insects. Do you know why it is resistant bug? Errors can not sustain life on it. It will die if you only eat the grain refining. So why on earth, with the abundance of the good life does not keep food we eat white flour, which is the starch of the earth to the grain of wheat. Honestly I have to answer that? Take a look and see obesity increasing, and now not only adults are overweight, but children, young children are becoming more and more fat. Why? We are feeding ourselves all kinds of food unhealthy. Some do it because it is cheaper, some by choice, and some just because they know any better.

So now that I explained what the bread white is done, let me continue to answer the question "what exactly is enriched"? After the refinery is apart of the grains and makes that white flour, which has no nutrition, they add some vitamins, some minerals and some fiber, but even an ounce of courage. The enriched white bread with some of the same things that only worked hard to get. However, do not add to the extent of the grain is carried, otherwise the grain would be it. Enough to add flavor and calories to it.

What is integral? Is the grain used in the process of making bread, cereals and building blocks many other foods. To be truly healthy whole grain must be listed on your bread, cereals and other foods in the number 1 or 2 position in the list of ingredients. No, whole wheat flour that is followed by (enriched white flour, niacin and iron) is not healthy, is a way to make people believe they are getting a loaf of whole grain. They are not lying, it is wheat flour, not whole grain. It came from the wheat plant and it is all wheat, but not all grains. Everything is just another word, like everyone else. If you look a little further down the list to see the molasses, molasses why you ask? It is the bread of colors to look brown. Yup, white flour, even more vitamins and minerals can not get back the bran in bread. Bran is what helps to give natural brown bread. So again, add something to him, trying to make it look like something it is not.

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Raw Milk Kefir using Kefir Grains

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