Obesum Desert Rose

Obesum Desert Rose
How to keep a Desert Rose (Adenium obesum), from growing to large?

How can you keep a plant growing Adenium Osesum too? My mom Desert Rose plant is too great, and I keep wondering how can small? My mom wants to know if the plant cut down Working on a ball?

I found a website for you and some information about the size of control and pruning. 20rose/adenium.htm% Size Control and pruning in nature, Adenium obesum can assume the proportions of a large shrub or small tree. However, they live very happy if the size is restricted, and blooming faithfully. The size may be restricted by under-potting. The plant in the photo on the first website is about 20 years, is approximately 20 inches tall, and is in a 9-inch pot.

adenium obesum desert rose 8 months old

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