Desert Rose Pink

Desert Rose Pink
Is this way to much for Valentin’s day??? please Answer?

For Valentine’s day i have a couple of things planned such as a
a limo that i have rented for 3 hours one that will take us around the city, Sometime after 12 am we will go to a hotel with a jacuzzi which i previously decorated with rose petals on the bed and the jacuzzi it will be kinda late but i plan to have lit candles around the room and a candlelight dinner which will consist of diffrent plates from restaurants we dined in..after dinner i plan for us to relax in the jacuzzi and give him a massage and have desert oh and show him the gifts i got him,…By the during the day i plan to have a friend deliver small clues to him such as a small box of rose petals( red,yellow, and pink, and purple they all have diffrent meanings), A small box of a strawberry covered in chocolate, a blindfold, and small box of walnuts( his favorite)…..
etc. What do u guys think…

If it’s a second date, it’s way too much!

If it’s an established relationship, he’s one lucky guy…!

Cirkles @ HRC – Pink Floyd +Jal(Aadat)+Sting (Desert Rose).MOV

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