Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil
Essential oils can too in a product to be mean?

I know that essential oils are good for your skin but I'm a bit skeptical that anything ha always be good. Do not think that many of these oils can clog pores? I can use the jojoba oil and did not notice a break out. I have skin prone acne, but only deal with the red marks left behind and this product is: Carrier Oils: Coconut, Emu and Evening Primrose Oils: Rosewood Tea Tree Lavender Melaleuca Bergamot Juniper Rosemary incense cedar clove mint geranium patchouli Carrot seed Bud galbanum

The oils to be careful if you have sensitive skin Birch Bay Basil Benzoin Black Pepper Cassia Cinnamon Clove Citronella Costus Elecampane Fennel Cumin Ginger Lemon Lemon verbena Lemongrass Fir Oak Moss Orange Oregano Melissa Parsley seed Tagetes Peppermint Pimento berry red pine and wild thyme Wintergreen These can cause skin irritation cease immediately if any redness! Irritation the skin is an inflammation caused by a reaction to a certain oil and the severity is usually dependent on exposure to oil. It has been thought by some that is terpene content in the oils that cause skin irritation, but tests have shown they are more likely to be caused by a high content of phenol in certain oils.

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