Wrap White Size

Wrap White Size
White skin around the cut … but I can not breath?

So I cut myself trying to open a can of soup a week ago. It is a tale worthy of cutting the size of my thumb. When it happened I did the usual: it applies pressure until the bleeding stopped, the rubbing alcohol on her, and put a bandage on it. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, said he is healing well. I asked if he could let the air and I said no, because it could snag on something. Until last night, I noticed the skin around it started to white, and I know it's because my thumb constantly to keep covered. However, I really can not ventilate for the reason that the doctor said, and I do not want to expose all the germs of things that touch every day. I'm afraid that if I let the air that white skin will become worse because I will not stop air. Is there anything I can do but wrap the band-aid a little looser?

You can get one of those band-aids that are absorbing, but let his court a little air.

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