Mimosa Silk Tree

Mimosa Silk Tree
How much water mimosa silk tree?

is like .. 20 years of age is like 30 to 40 feet high

You really have water unless your area is suffering a drought. Mimosa is OK with drier soil, poor conditions of the city. Now if you are in drought conditions then this is what you do. Use a cat food can or something of similar size. Place on the floor on the root system and establish a sprinkler. Where irrigation has been completed, then might be fine for that week. Baring, of course, intense heat or wind. I live in the northern part of the United States in New Hampshire, Massachusetts Border. Baby trees need water in the early spring and summer, and heavy mulch in winter. I'm not worried about it being an invasive species, but if you live in a warmer climate, please think about what the other gentleman said in his answer! I have been so bittersweet, and a mile of weeds minutes can do to landscapes to be of use!

Pink Flowering Mimosa Tree

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