Vibration Massager

Vibration Massager

Household characteristics and maintenance automatic massager

Auto Motor Massager: This massage uses permanent magnet DC motor micro-type brush to their massage first high-speed rotation of the engine to vibrate, thus stimulating the body's acupuncture points, massage therapy to achieve a certain effect, but other electrical devices are equipped with strong vibration massage with gentle vibration of the adjustment knob, speed motor can be changed to adjust pay purpose Monte frequency of vibration in the first place. electric motor massager works by using motor rotation DC high-speed eccentric hammer driven operation, the engine vibration, while the buffer by setting the body massager head a vibration source flat and smooth.

Show that the correct selection of home massager

Many massage specification model: example, for beauty care and health can buy lightweight portable massager, such as health care or campaign for health care, you can choose the intensity Adjustable massage, full body massage, bubble bath device mounting optional shower, put it in the bathtub, expelled from the nozzle in high air flow speed, air bubbles in the water rushed into the human body, using the human body to body massage bubble flow; If you hand and foot massager, hands and feet also buy water vibrating massage for relaxation, is the use of mechanical vibrations, so the appearance of micro-vibrations of the basin water, a massaging effect.

Selection of massage, the first look at the appearance, way of being polite. And then start the massage, listen to the level noise, generally good quality with low noise. With the strong and weak massage switches, which can be separately opened the switch strong, weak to see if a solution flexible, open the "strong" located on the massager, people feel a much stronger vibration, open the "soft" switch, people feel a slight vibration moderate.

massager for the home in the United States, "favored"

Not long ago, the United Bozeman United has introduced a new series of massage slimming products, including products of two characteristics: one is "swimming" thin device. The product is like an ancient Chinese form of ingots, its shell is made with plastics containing the motor. Users need only set foot on the carpet "ingot" hand pressing the control panel to open the device directly, you can make the feet of the "slug" more or less up and swing, as if his feet are free movements in the pool so that the feet and leg muscles to be trained. According to the manufacturer's description, people just use the computer every day 1 to 2 hours can be effective in reducing fat thickness and thigh muscles leg workout, but also make people feel relaxed body and mind.

Another slimming massager, designed like a small station treadmill. Use, people have to be in round plastic table black belt, massage machine in the back, open the button (to choose from emergency assistance to five different speeds) and hands like the bike machine careers handlebar grip style, can be permanent in the back massager, while the foot of the round table will pace back and forth swing.

Of According to the manufacturer describes this secret weight loss slimming massage belt is specially designed massage. The belt is a mosaic made from pieces soft plastic ball-shaped rotation. When the machine is turned on, the band began to turn the plastic ball, plastic parts can be moved in back, the equivalent of hand massage on your back massager.

That chloroplast Massager

The product is called the world's smallest massager electric pocket. Can be directly fitted on the finger. Although it is compact, but massage is not ambiguous. According to the manufacturer's description, each massager haplotype that has a high-button inside the battery, and micro-motors. Haplotype massage system that uses flexible plastic, the surface of each finger are 6-8 protruding plastic particles. Users will be five groups of fingers massager apartment size, respectively, according to the need for massage body parts, five massage performed immediately and automatically start the engine and 13,000 times per minute massage, vibration, high speed, so that the body was very comfortable. The key technology of the device is its most advanced massage technology start of induction, only your finger across the surface of the body to begin the motor of the machine, and release fingers (from the surface of the skin) will automatically shut off the engine down.

This massager chloroplast was hailed as a revolutionary new product in the industry, its small size, suitable for laptops, buy a home or office can carry out such places as massage, very convenient.

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