Kay Black

Kay Black

Often, most people associate the surgery when finding a cure for hemorrhoids. However, only a few will require surgery. There are many methods available today to eliminate or cure hemorrhoids. Most of this condition only requires an increase in water and fiber intake. In general, when treated in the first stage will disappear in about a week or two. When you increase your fiber and water intake, stool soften resulting in less effort during defecation. There are few treatment procedures that are made by doctors. One of these is the Infrared Coagulation or otherwise known as IRC.

This procedure is widely chosen among patients because it is fast and can tolerate. This method is an office treatment and is considered smooth. What clot or doctors do is destroy the blood vessels. A cautery probe heating or heat is used, as well as frozen in the cryotherapy probe with extreme cold. Others use an infrared beam that is a modern variation. This will cause the veins to shrink. It is usually not painful and requires no anesthesia.

Some disadvantages of this method are that it might be a bit expensive for some people and in some cases may require multiple treatments. Usually requires follow-up treatment after one year. The long-term results can not be better than the rubber band litigation. There are times when bleeding might occur after a week.

Kay Daniels is a popular reviewer of hemorrhoid products. She is considered an established un-biased expert within the realm of natural medicine.

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