Drip Irrigation Kit

Drip Irrigation Kit
Drip irrigation guys?

Hello, We are interested in getting a drip irrigation system and sprnkler for our front yard and backyard. But we Internet, and see five different types: 1. Patio Drip Kit 2. Container Drip Kit. 3. Garden Drip Kit 4. Drip Soaker ignition system 5. Drip irrigation kit. So how do they differ. What to buy?

Each of these is a basic parts kit and instructions is whether you want differeence watering garden plants, vegetable plants or use a hose of a long row of plants. A retrofit kit is to change current irrigation sprinklers drip. Toro Corp., Dg corp Corp Rainbird and turn off all the pamphlets that have information about drip irrigation in them. Cave I like the best, because it is the most complete. They sell there products through Home Depot and other times you can find the brochure at the Home Depot (free), but may have to ask. Otherwise, mail them mail. If you want to put on one side to another systrem spray your entire garden can obtain information t = Rainbird, Toro and Orbit. Thes are the three major selling through Home Depot or Lowes and probably other similar srtores. I would like to see the Web site Rainbirds first for how well information.

Ecoscan: Portable Drip Irrigation Kit.

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