Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic Foot Bath
Does anyone have information on the Ionic Cleanse detoxification?

with foot baths? Works well, yes or no? I keep hearing about MS and I'm curious about the world of other experience with them. A

This is my response to the same question last week: "You know, recently I had this, and I expected it to be totally false. I went with a friend, who is a professional massage therapist, like me, and now with the spa where I work. The posts here have been very negative, but I have to tell you the following types: 1) If the ionizing team reacted only with water from the city, which is what was used for two, the water would have been exactly the same color on both occasions. It was not so, and we went to exactly the same amount of time. Neuropathy 2) I am a diabetic and is very, very bad in my feet, sometimes to the point that makes me mourn or can wake me up out of a deep sleep. My feet have never felt this good since I've been diabetic, some 20 years. 3) As I said, the color and consistency of water would have been exactly the same for my friend and I, if this process were a scam. Not so. My friend has had all the fillings in their teeth replaced and has done chelation to remove heavy metal toxicity in your body. I have not done any of these processes still (Mother Blues single career …), and guess what? There was evidence of water in my foot bath severe heavy metal toxicity and growth of fungi, I agree with them. I tell people there is something about this. My feet do not lie. Not only that, the team is more than $ 3,000 to buy. If someone is going to deceive another person, there are so many easier ways to do this, and cheaper in many ways too. My friend Bill, who runs the Pyramid Wellness Center, where he did this, is the nicer, kinder, more gentle, the most highly educated (several advanced degrees). He is nothing but a crook, and really only wants to help people. Once again, the minds are like parachutes. They only work when open. "

ionic detox foot bath hoax

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