Educational Gift Ideas For Children

by Judy Turner

With the holidays fast approaching, there are probably a lot of fancy toys on your child’s gift list. Why not introduce them to a nice educational gift or two such as educational toys, board games and books. If your child has shown interest in one particular area, from chemistry sets to children’s books, an educational gift will be a lot of fun to the child as well as a great way to learn interesting new things.

A good idea for kids who seem to enjoy science would be the microscope. Since this educational gift will be used a long time you should think about splurging on a good, high quality microscope that will last for many years. Just be sure to shop around. You might be able to find a good microscope online for less cost than buying one locally.

Chemistry sets are a classic educational gift that kids love to learn with. Most chemistry sets are relatively inexpensive, and can be found both online and in local toy shops.

Books for kids are also a wonderful way to add learning to the holidays. You can find many books inexpensively online and you can even plan to open the seasonal books on Christmas Eve so that you can celebrate the night before with a nice story. The great thing about buying books to mark the holidays is that the stories that you read will become a family tradition passed on to the next generation.

If you are trying to decide on a book for a young child but you aren’t really sure if they are reading yet don’t worry. You can simply choose a book that is suitable for their age level. If they aren’t quite ready to read it on their own they will love having mom or dad read to them.

Board games also make a great educational gift for young learners, especially those who are just learning the concept of sportsmanship. Kids can learn by playing almost any board game, but those that are age appropriate are the best choices for elementary aged kids. Kids that are younger than five should be given board games that teach basic skills, such as taking turns and counting. Board games are also a good choice when you simply want to spend more time as a family. You can make one or two night a week game night, and play the board games that you have received as gifts throughout the holiday season.

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