Creeping Phlox Subulata

Creeping Phlox Subulata
Creeping phlox deicuous under the trees?

Phlox subulata I know it's supposed to arrive in full sun. If I planted some deciduous trees, they would get full sun during winter and flower in spring time, but for which the complete shade summer and fall. Do they need full sun all year the year or do you think would be good to plant here? For most of the flowers would be nice, but since these are semi-evergreen tree that can may need sun, even when not in flower. Any ideas? Thank you very much! I know there are other varieties of phlox that is more tolerant of shade, but I am asking only on subulata. Thanks!

They will be thin. Be achieved in full sun when idle, so do not expect great things from them. Maybe you thin can the tops of deciduous trees if they do so well.

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