Phlox Flower Seeds

Phlox Flower Seeds
Do these plants grow?

Hello. I live in an apartment in Kemayoran, Jakarta in Indonesia, with balconies facing north-west-east and north. I love have a garden at my house with balconies and I have several basil plants, a plant of money, some cacti, mint, orange and a plant of small birds (called by its pink flowers, shaped peak). I went to various stores that have loads of seeds of plants, but do not know what will grow well here because they are all imported United States. Mostly, I want plants that are easy to care and not take up much space and is usually grown for their flowers. Here is a list of some of the seeds found but feel free to add some more. Virginia stock wallflower zinnia Sweet William Viola Daisy Swan Queen velvet teddy bear sunflower sunflower sunflower river calypso sunflower black hollyhock petunia nasturtium magical thinking Phlox Salvia polyanthus bronze daisy dahlia ecthium Thanx

all the flowers you mentioned are wonderful and all have beautiful flowers .. you could plant one of these on your balcony in big enough pots or boxes .. and that will be great … but you should put the seeds in the fridge .. FREEZER NOT for twenty-four hours before planting, and have a beautiful garden .. bueno .. lucky

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