Fertilizer Organic Plant

Fertilizer Organic Plant
What kind of plants and fertilizers should be used for a medicine garden organic?

I know you want to grow mint (for oil) and aloe vera (for gel) What else should I use. I want everybody to be organic and composting should be too, you know a good fertilizer? What I grow plants? (I need some for colds and headaches) Where can I buy seeds? and how I care for my garden? Can I leave out, water every day and use of fertilizers and let nature do the rest?

I can answer a few questions. Try planting an herb garden, oregano, basil, thyme, parsley, chives, Rosemary. And for more choices of medicinal plants and what they check out treating the article in the first link below. The second is a very good organic fertilizer – which I personally use.

Milinator Organic Waste Recycling Plants: Organic Fertilizer, Animal Feed, Carbon Credits

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