Exercise Tube

Exercise Tube
What is the coldest temperature that can operate a tube TV?

I live in Canada and am planning to do some exercise in the garage during the winter. I put a tube TV there for me not so boring. What is the coldest temperature that can operate the TV? the garg is poorly insulated and not heated. Please let me know if you need more information! Thank you!

I think your biggest problem will be when you're not using. As overnight when it's cold. Its recommended not to operate until they give it a chance to warm up a bit / thaw (it may take as 24 hours because you have to do little by little). Just light it would create a rapid temperature change and kill him. And then there is the potential for water damage that the change suddenly could cause the creation of condensation within the series. For all I know for the effective functioning but would have to look at 0 degrees Celsius as its point lower. So if you put just a little colder than in the garage can be a few points.

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