Dvd Meal

Dvd Meal
My name is Levi To, I'm looking for someone who is interested in selling my family DVD Chinese cuisine?

This DVD is the English version and manufactured in Canada. It is produced by the Chinese LMT Cooking School and contains 12 famous Chinese dishes and provides a full explanation of the ingredients and techniques culinary. This easy to follow, the DVD offers essential techniques to prepare authentic traditional meals at home with step by step instructions. Meanwhile, the price sale is C $ 25 .- per unit. Welcome any people from any country to contact me.

You can also try craigslist is a free site and you list by geographic area's major cities, Seattle has a lot of traffic on the site and you should have a bit of luck there. Also if you wanted go shopping with your current kitchen dvd you can also try posting on craigslist that you need help to publicize it and on the platform. There is also a trade site favors, You can announce that you need help selling your dvd and the favors you can do as the supply of Chinese food reciepes.

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