Dragon Fruit Pitaya

Dragon Fruit Pitaya
Where can I buy Dragon Fruit in Sacramento, CA,?

I wonder where I can find this rare fruit @ Sacramento, CA, (information details) A pitaya (pronounced / p?ta?.? /) or cactus flower (/ ? p?t?ha?? /) is the fruit of several cactus species, most importantly the genus Hylocereus (sweet pitaya). These fruits are commonly known as dragon fruit – cf. Chinese Long ??? hu? gu? / ??? "fire dragon fruit" and Long zh? gu? "dragon pearl fruit, or Vietnamese Thanh Long (Green Dragon). Other common names nanettikafruit are pear or strawberry. In Mauritius, known as "D├ębousse to liki" due to its laxative properties.

Contact or visit the shops listed below. Dragon Fruit can carry, or be able to give information. where you can get. Sacramento Asia Chinese / Vietnamese are a large number of restaurants Chinese and Vietnamese property / market in Sacramento, south of Stockton Blvd. between Fruitridge RD. and Florin Road. The area is about 20 miles away from Davis, but but also south of Costco on Stockton Blvd. to make it worthwhile. Some of these markets as well as other Asian grocery stores listed below. Asian Food Center (1301 Broadway, Sacramento, 916-448-0887) * Gold Star Supermarket (5815 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento) * Khan Hing Supermarket (6418 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento) * SF Supermarket (6930 65th St. # 123 Sacramento) * Tea Tian Ran (6835 Stockton Blvd. # 410 Sacramento) – for a wonderful variety of teas, Teaware and Tea tastings free * Wing Wa Supermarket (6021 Stockton Blvd Sacramento) sacramentoOsaka Japanese-Ya (2215 10th St. Sacramento) * sacramentoOto Marketplace (4990 Freeport Blvd. Sacramento) The Korean local large Korean American community is centered near Rancho Cordova (Bradshaw & I-50). Several of Korea are the property markets in the area. Koreana Plaza * Market (10971 Olson Drive, north on Zinfandel, right on Olson) – a great and wonderful. supermarket + * Smile Smile Food Market Food Mart (2948 Bradshaw Rd north of Bradshaw) – small, crowded, funky * Kyopa Market (9531 Folsom Blvd, north of Bradshaw, left at Folsom) – have recently been there * Jin Mi Food (9235 Folsom Blvd, north of Bradshaw, left at Folsom) – bring food, including dduk * Asian Food Mart (9345 La Riviera Dr, corner w / Folsom Blvd, with Jin Mi) – medium sized, well established. * Eastern Lunch (9180 Kiefer Boulevard, south of Bradshaw, then turn Keifer) – had never been Pilipino there closer to South Sacramento and Elk Grove are Pilipino and therefore more shops and restaurants Pilipino. Outside the West Blvd exit Mack will be a lot Pilipino stores including an international market. * Seafood City (Mack BLVD. South Sacramento, CA)

Dragon Fruit Pitaya

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