Cosmos Sea Shells

Cosmos Sea Shells

Decorators know the secret to making a big impact in a room. Great, unique accessories make a statement and bring that "wow" factor. The accessory is used, of course fresh flowers. The pages of a magazine with great arrangements and the style settings, which also can be done! Here are some easy tips for arranging flowers in his garden, a florist shop, a home, even the supermarket!

TIP: Remember, fresh, hot water and the flowers last much longer.

Flowers from your garden will be the freshest, most fragrant options you will be able to find. But I know it is difficult to reduce that group of tulips in her front flowerbed. So plan ahead a bit and work on a bed of cut flowers in your landscape. Fill with bulbs like tulips and daffodils, annuals such as Zinnias, Cleome and Cosmos, and perennials such as Autumn Joy ssp. Do not forget the vegetation-Hosta leaves and Ivy are horses battle in the arrangements! When working with the flowers, clean any dirt street and always cut diagonally to draw the flower most water. Location and type of flowers in a vase and enjoy! Be abundant and the Group of vessels together for major impact on your dining table or entrance hall.

TIP: Daffodils have a substance that is poisonous to other flowers, never mixed with others.

Flowers from a florist are luxurious and can be arranged by them or by you. The florist will be able to expand their options for getting things flowers flown in from Europe, South America and other parts of the United States. This is great for occasions and special events, but be a little more expensive for flowers that are unique. When ordering flowers, be specific about where they are going and what the event is.

Tip: Let your florist know that you're flexible on things like the shape or color and go hunting for the best seasonal flowers to suit your needs.

Flowers of a big box store at home what would you do that? Flowering plants such as hydrangeas and lilies are a great center or in a hall table. Normally that will lead to the flowering plants on a seasonal basis, so check your supply again and again. On reaching the main house, take off foil and put it in a decorative container. Cover the floor of a dressing of seashells, marbles, even aquarium gravel, and enjoy the immediate impact of the flowers!

TIP: Christmas Poinsettias are the best at a lower level, as a home because they are more branched and flowers are the most beautiful views down.

The supermarket is one of my favorite places to buy flowers, convenient and relatively inexpensive if they are too preoccupied with elections. If you fortunate to have a place that offers a special joint group or 3 bunches / '$ 12, catch up! The panel of 3 that you can buy all the same and they have large bouquet glorious sitting at his desk. The mixed group requires a bit more work: we want to break apart more than a statement. In general, there is a flower of coordination as a rose, filler flowers like baby's breath, and some type of vegetation in this group. Use three glasses of various small, medium and large, and divide flowers above. In the smaller, under glass, put all its greenery. In the middle of the flower using fillers to increase the size of this vessel. The flower of coordination is most dramatic in the vase, which is what we actually paid to show it off. Group of three glasses together and "wow" everyone with his arrangement of flowers!

TIP: Use the flower food packet that usually come with these branches.

Flower organization can be fun and not having enough time and money. Be creative and mix and match their packaging, I love to use mason jars in the summer with a single bunch of each. Fresh flowers are mostly the immediate impact and put a smile on your face. Life is too short, so go ahead enjoy today!

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Heikegani in Cosmos by Carl Sagan

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