Compost Bin Composter

Compost Bin Composter
What is your favorite method of composting or composting?

BioStack I have a wire loop and a homemade one. In good weather, make every now and then. I LOVE MY BioStack but I was very surprised when my largest, a homemade cooking in a large batch faster than I expected. I could have a new favorite. Tell me about your favorite composter / compost. What do you think of worms? What do you think of Poo converter pets? Just Google if you have not heard of him. I just saw online a few minutes ago, myself.

I just started composting for the first time. I think it's too early to say whether it is "working" but I have a box I got from Walmart. It's not what I wanted, or even close to the idea that had in mind, but I kept putting it off and I was tired of just accumulating things in my backyard and I saw him one night and grabbed just so I could start.

Apartment Composting 101: Vermicompost with Barb Finnin

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