Maple Bloodgood Seeds

Maple Bloodgood Seeds
Bloodgood 'Do' maple tree seeds?

My neighbor has a Bloodgood maple tree, I wondered if they made the seeds. They are very nice and I love to see one in my garden. And how do I just plant the seeds?

Yes and no. Yes, that Bloodgood Japanese maples do not produce seeds. They can be self-pollination or can pollinate with others. They are formed in the spring (May to me here in the Midwest, but perhaps before / after depending on where you are) and will be reduced around mid-summer. Depending on the age of the tree of his neighbor might the tree has not yet old enough for seed production. Not so that despite producing seeds, the seeds result can not return exactly as the Bloodgood. Bloodgood Japanese Maple is a cultivar. This means that initially, there was a maple tree that was selected. Cuttings were taken from him, spread, and the process was repeated so that each market Bloodgood is a clone (genetically identical) in the original tree. If the order of trees pollinated, seeds are be the "F1 generation. This means that again features held by the parents of the seed that became the original Bloodgood tree. It is sometimes found with something completely different, but sometimes going out with a plant that will be the same or nearly the same. If there is no cross-pollination with pollen from other types of maples in the neighborhood, then there are unlimited possibilities. If you want a quick fix, I suggest buying your own tree in your local garden center. If you want a bit of fun and be a geneticist backyard, here's what you can do: – Collect the seeds you can get. – Select an area in your garden where plants grow seedlings. If you have a general site where the tree wants to locate the patch of seedlings there. – Plant the seeds so they are at least 3 inches distance of the next. A grid pattern works very well. – Allow the seeds to rise. As they grow, look at each one closely. If you see one that seems 'odd' (ie, has bright green leaves instead of red leaf and Bloodgood), pull it. – After a year, select the tree you want to keep. Remove the other pulling them out or dig out and give them away or put them elsewhere in your yard. If you have unwanted (in the area) trees more than 2 feet from the tree you've selected to maintain, make sure you cut at the base instead of digging up or removing the roots and selected your tree are not damaged.

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