Moon Japanese Maple

Moon Japanese Maple
japanese names ??????

Well I'm one of those teenagers who like to plan their future just for fun, which of these names more.please like you just pick one.they are Japanese: 1.kaede (maple) 2.sango (coral) 4.amaya 3.kikyo (5.nikita rain in the evening ( invincible (7.mizuki lily water (I think it is beautiful 8.naomi moon, above all the beauty it that are all girl names thankyou perhaps can tell me why you want that name.

It is said in Japan that consonants using (dakuon) for the names of girls could bring unfortunate events in the lives of girls. (eg, become a widow at an early age) Dakuon: GA, GI, GU GE, go, za, ji, zu, ze, zo, da, de, do, ba, bi, bu, be, bo, etc., as Kaede , Sango, and Mizuki, I would with Naomi for a girl, and REN child. Naomi is a kind of an ancient name for Japan, like Emma, Isabella, and Madeleine in the U.S., but it's a cool name, if use "in" Kanji for Naomi. Ren means lotus which is a sacred plant of Hinduism and Buddhism. In Buddhism, the vision of a white lotus on water muddy represents a visionary in the world full of ignorant people. Ren, however, does not sound religious at all, but hip and cool! Is not that interesting? I would like to corrections to the names on his list. 3. Kikyo (Japanese Bellflower) 4. Amayo, not Amaya (night rain, no rain in the evening. See the slight difference?) 5. Nikita (I am Japanese, but have never heard the word before.) 7. Mizuki (Mizuki The meaning depends on use kanji, and yes, it could mean "beautiful moon.")

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