Vivid Flowers Potted

Vivid Flowers Potted
I am looking for information about a box stillife H Dudley Murphy, gardenias?

The print is pretty old and my grandmother's house. Flowers are vivid and muted background. The flowers seem to be in a bronze pot, sitting on a table covered with cloth.

I had a better search result, when used Full name: Hermann Dudley Murphy. It is interesting that you have an impression. I will take a leap of faith, and speculate that it may suggest that the original is in the public domain. Perhaps a Musum. Short Bio: Hermann Dudley Murphy, American, b. Marlborough, MA, 1867, D. Lexington, MA, 1945. "A painter of quiet, the landscape lit refined by the sun and still lifes, Hermann Dudley Murphy was a significant figure in the Boston School of Painting in the twentieth century. Hermann Dudley Murphy was a painter of portraits and landscapes, professor art, frame designer and illustrator born in Marlborough, MA in 1867. He attended the Boston Museum School under Tarbell, Benson and DeCamp and the Academy Julien in Paris. Known as "Tarbellite" because emulated best academic tradition with Impressionism, Murphy became an Associate (1930) and Scholar (1934) National Academy and was a member of the Boston Art Club, the Guild of Boston Artists, the National Arts Club, Boston Society of Watercolor Painters, the Copley Society, the State Art Commission Massachusetts, Painters and Sculptors Gallery Association, the Woodstock Art Association and more. His work is represented at the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the National Design Academy, Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Cincinnati's artists Art Museum and the St. Louis Art Museum. "Best find: One of the most well regarded authorities in this era of American art /, is the photo gallery: = American A book by Hermann Dudley Murphy Exhibition in 1982. That would be a good contact point. 1. A good place to begin your search, be found in books Amazon. This artist is a highly regarded artist, and may be some references to art books that include his work. 3Dstripbooks% and field = + + words Hermann Dudley Murphy 2. Artprice website lists a number of his paintings, under the results of the auction. I am not a member, so you can not see detail. Http: / / / ps / artitems.aspx? View = all & idarti = NzkyMTAwMzAzNTAzNDYt & refGenre = A & page = 4 You can see, the first entry is a still life of a gardenia. This is not your painting, as the composition is different to his painting. It is likely that this was one of a series, using the subject of a gardenia. His paintings of flowers, were / are delicious. 3. The AskArt indeed have information on this artist as well as a number of pages of images. I am not a subscriber. However, if you subscribe as a student, you can have 24 hour access for $ 11.95. Or register for $ 20.00 a month I do not know if this is a reasonable cost, to view details of their images. And, of course, no guarantee that your print will be included in its database. Http: / / 4. The Vose Gallery, Boston is a gallery of high reputation. Http: / / This gallery specializes in Boston School of painters, this may be a good advantage, to make contact with someone who can give additional information about printing. 5. Catalogs: You can find their printing and related data in the catalog of work by Hermann Dudley Murphey, that came after his death. Reference: Catalog created for the 1945 "Memorial exhibition of paintings by H. Dudley Murphy" in the Guild of Boston Artists Here is the website of the clan: It may be helpful, contact them and ask for help with printing in particular. 5. World Wide Art Resources website, lists of galleries and museums that it was reported that their work. Http: / / / masters / m / murphy-hermann_dudley.html it takes some patience to work through these few links to museums, and then to check on their holdings of this particular artist. 6. Google search: using the search words that include paintings by Hermann Dudley Murphy. However, not run through something very useful. It's wonderful to have this impression of his work. He is truly a master painter, and I have much enjoyed watching their landscapes and still life, in this quest. Sorry, I was able to locate the exact image for you. In conclusion, I think it best to try to get a library (city or university library) to locate and borrow – one of those books that appear on the Amazon link. Specifically this: Hermann Dudley Murphy (1867-1945): the "realism married to the most exquisitely idealism": [exhibition] February 24 to April 17, 1982, Graham Gallery (Paperback) Regards for your search continued.

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