Tray Composting Bin

Tray Composting Bin
I recently received a ferret that was found and bites!?

She was found in compost bin from a friend, a night that was freezing. They had around 2 days and everything was fine, but bites it seems no apparent reason. My friend was able to lift it but not for long as he bite and break skin. (Do not get caught with your hand, but it sure does not bite hard!) I have taken since then she and I can not but distrust it. If that was the case maybe was a lost ferret and hunting not so young, would it be a losing battle with her persistent and win the hand eaten;) or it's possible your other reason? afraid? new place? new smell? She is calm and seems to have no problem with a litter tray in their cage, but its a shame I can not hold. really appreciate if someone can help me with this as it is precious and I always wanted to own a ferret and I would love if it worked. And maybe if someone knows about ferrets as wild game. Thanks

Hello, I have 4 ferrets that have 2 ½ years I have had since they were kits (babies) that I had, if they did bite, I was recommended by the breeder to film them in their nose every time they bite. I did and after a while they stopped and never been bitten since. Some people will tell you that lighting in the nose is cruel and will turn against you, this is not true, they trust me completely and I have been welcomed by how friendly they are. Good luck, hope everything goes well for you.

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