Beautiful Chinese Elm

Beautiful Chinese Elm
How I can know which variety of Bonsai I have?

I have been given a bonsai tree as a gift, I've never owned one of these before, and I had a good look around online, and only the Chinese elm looks similar. All I know is it was bought at B & Q. It has a slender trunk, with leaves color light green and the branches and trunk are very dark. It is about 6 inches tall and seems to enjoy good health. It seems very nice and interesting and want to learn more and to ensure it has a long and happy life, but I can buy more in the future once I get used to this. Can anyone give me some clue or help? Thank you very much.

I a search on the net and these are the sites that I thought but I Account recommend this GRAFFICS and care .. Good luck finding yours are actually very nice plants. I do not own, but I've always wanted …

Bonsai Tree Care and Creation — Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

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