Flight Flatware: History in Every Spoonful

by William Maxwell

When discussing fine flatware, there is no way to continue without mentioning Oneida. As being the force behind such succeeding lines as Easton, Heritage, and Flight, it’s no wonder this company has had such a successful history since its introduction to the world in the early 1900’s. In fact, Oneida was one of the very first joint stock companies in America and has continued to design and manufacture great quality flatware ever since.

There is only one thing that Oneida has been known for as much as its silverware and that is it’s upbringings in a small utopian community located in Oneida, New York. With an eye to its perfectionist belief system, John Humphrey Noyes helped to steer the community from its 1846 founding to the now famous silverware legacy it’s known for today.

Regardless of the groups somewhat strange and unique beliefs, the organization of their belief is what allowed them to be so successful. Though the Oneida name may be steeped in history, the silver products can easily stand on their own without the help of a past riddled with wild accounts and stories. In fact, there are plenty of other reasons to invest in Oneida products for your next possible dinnerware purchase.

One of the first reasons to invest in Oneida is the overwhelming style of the flatware. For example we can look at Oneida’s Flight brand. With an advertising slogan of “form, grace, and style” we can see that with flight this company actually lives up to its claims. This companies style and versatility is continued even beyond its flight brand into its many other lines featuring intelligent design, and a classic contemporary look that will create a timeless piece to your dining collection.

A key factor in the longevity of this brand has been the quality of materials used to make their product. Their many brands of products all feature the highest quality metals without extra substances being cut into the final product to reduce their quality. This means that your investment will last for generations showing off its like new luster without the worry of corrosion.

The next reason to invest in Oneida is the technical aspect of the design. This company goes to great lengths to create casual flatware that is both decoratively pleasing and technologically advanced at the same time. Each piece is weighted and crafted to fit perfectly and comfortably in your hand while still being durable and easy to take care of.

A “pattern for a lifetime” guarantee is another appealing feature that causes Oneida flight brand to stand out from the other similar manufacturers. What this means for you is that you have a promise from the company that if any part of your set gets lost or stolen, regardless of whether the company currently makes the design, you can still order and have replaced the piece that has been lost or stolen.

Oneida also has an open stock policy. Just about everyone has been in the situation where we only lose one spoon or fork and would like to replace them without buying a whole new set to replenish our flatware trays. So, if for example you lose a piece of your flight flatware set, the open stock policy would allow you to buy just one piece of flight rather than having to buy an entire expensive second set of your flight flatware.

Oneida’s original community was known for much more than just silver. Their products at one time spread much further including food, silk, hats, and even animal traps. However, it’s no wonder that with all of these characteristics, the Oneida silver brand was the only thing to survive through religious upheaval, political strife, and even a tornado that just about wiped out the community.

The survival of Oneida’s silverware brand is only a greater tribute to the quality of its products. Choosing one of its patterns such as Flight for your next purchase is a guarantee that you will be investing in a flatware that is not on beautiful, but will provide a timeless quality that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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