How to Adapt To Change By Meditation

by Dick Ingersoll

Adapting to any kind of transformation in your life can be very nerve-wracking. The one thing I have realized is when it comes to any kind of transformation is to keep it on an optimistic level. To do that I stay composed by meditating and keep it all in focus. I was discussing with a friend about how I was very apprehensive about a change I would soon have to make in my life. She told me that about twenty years ago she had bought a brand new car and it was parked in an alley near her house.

She walked out of the house just in time to see and old VW bus scrape the front fender of her car. As she continued to tell me what happened she informed me she was attempting to stay calm and realized she had to meditate and get centered on the situation. She went on to tell me that the driver climbed out of his car, threw his hat on the ground, and then hung his head, holding it in his hands. She realized that he clearly didn’t have the money to pay for the damage to her car and he nearly cried.

My friend still meditating to keep things in perspective approached the man and you could tell he was very anxious and expected her to say something like: What an idiot, Can you not see, or just something so mean that he would just feel terrible. As she approached the man she simply said don’t worry about the scrape and to have a nice day. He could not believe what he was hearing. He began to cry tears of happiness and wrapped his arms around my friend. He then ran to his wife who was in the car wondering what they were going to do and he wrapped his arms around his wife and introduced her to my friend.

As they were chatting my friend told them how she used meditation to remain as relaxed as possible because she had short fuse in the past that caused her a lot of problems. The couple and my friend became very close friends. Now it is 20 years later and the man has since passed away and his wife is in assisted living my friend still visits the woman every week and still discusses the day they had met.

Using meditation will certainly help you think about the situation you are in and to not act on a whim, but to deal with whatever predicament it is you are in so you will behave properly. After my friend and I talked I considered how I could adapt to the change I would have to make by optimistic thinking and could make a bad situation into something that will have a very special meaning in my life. After our conversation I went home and began using meditation to relax myself and now I feel more positive about me and my life.

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