How To Get Ready For Homeschooling

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by Danise B. Keasda

So you have decided to start homeschooling. Congratulations on your new venture! Homeschooling your children is very rewarding, but can also be challenging. It can certainly be overwhelming knowing where to start. Don’t despair, here are a few good things to help you in getting started with homeschooling.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to become familiar with the laws pertaining to homeschooling in your particular state. Each state has different laws and regulations covering homeschooling, so be sure to read up on these. Ignorance of the law, after all is no excuse. It might be a good idea to join a homeschooling group in your area. These groups will charge membership dues annually, but this is well worth the expense if you need to avail yourself of the resources and assistance they offer. The Home School Legal Defense Association is one of the more popular groups.

You’ll also want to get a good curriculum guide. There are quite a few different choices available for this. Comprehensive guides covering many possible curricula will make it easier to find one which is suited to your children’s needs. While we’re on the subject of curricula, you should make a budget for your homeschooling expenses. You can spend as much or as little as you like since there are so many resources out there. You shouldn’t be afraid to adjust your curriculum as needed. That is the idea of homeschooling – having the flexibility to tailor the curriculum to your child.

Thirdly, join a support group. Homeschooling can be very overwhelming. Having other like minded parents with whom to consult is invaluable. Check to see if there are any homeschool support groups in your area. If there are not, you might consider starting one. Once you do, you will be surprised at how many other homeschooling families are looking for support as well. Another option is to join an online homeschool group. There are plenty out there to choose from and you can find help 24/7.

Finally, read all you can. There are tons of great books out there about homeschooling. Go to the library and find out where the homeschool section is. I promise, they will have lots of helpful books. Check with other homeschooling families and see which books were the most helpful for them. Homeschooling families are more than happy to help newcomers find the best stuff! Check out all the information available online. There is so much to discover!

Just keep in mind that this should be a fun experience for you and your child. This is a time to rediscover and nurture that natural love of learning. Find the style that fits both you and your child the best and don’t be afraid to change. Have fun homeschooling!

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