Essential Oils Thieves

Essential Oils Thieves
Will Gelmicin (betamethasone / Clotrimozol / gentamicin) to assist the wounded in cream or scabies?

I am suffering from scabies. I tried to see my doc. 3 times without success. I'm trying to deal with essential oils (Young Living Thieves) and has experienced a continuous relief. I wonder however, if some Gelmicin I have on hand would be useful. I know sulfur is recommended, but I'm trying to use what I have in hand. Thanks for your help! Mary

I think you can get some relief from essential oils. In India, using neem oil and turmeric. Neem oil really works as a contraceptive that will stop producing eggs, which is good. The doctor will write a prescription cream 5 percent of pesticides. Sage Sarna Http: / / / what-is-scabies-treatment-for "scabies.html Information

The Legend of the Four Thieves

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