Kay Consultant

Kay Consultant
Has anyone tried to be a Mary Kay consultant yet?

I want to do, but the person who introduced me gave me a form that asked for my number Social Security and my mother's maiden name and all this stuff suspicious … Has anyone else asked you know why we ask this?

I am a Mary Kay consultant and full-time job doing that. It is a wonderful company. The company requires that your Social Security number for tax reporting purposes. They need all this information because if it fails, it can achieve in many legal problems. If you do not want to give theirs, no! Tell him you do not feel comfortable to give your Social Security number on paper. Ask them to send the invitation to complete the forms online. She can do this through In-Touch. It is better to do online because the site is very safe and that goes directly to the company for processing. Email me anytime if you have other questions. I love helping women that taking into account that a Mary Kay consultant.

Mary Kay Consultants How To Sell To Anyone Hassle Free!

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