Color Rich

Color Rich
Hello, We wanted a bright yellow in our room, but the yellow we chose ended up being very bright and rich?

Hello, We wanted a deep yellow in our room, but the yellow we chose ended up being very bright and rich. Any suggestions on how the brightness of color can be tempered by perhaps an accent wall (which would be a good color accent wall?) Or blankets or rugs?

If you take a very light color and use a small sponge or a plastic bag of groceries to padding can "jump" the wall and then package comes with a dry brush and wash out. Will clarify the wall and give it a mottled or marbled appearance. Take your time, not only small sections at a time. Make a wall to not run the change of the seam lines. During the round sections that do so much. I've done in my son's room when I painted a room of NASCAR. The "grass" was so strong. I used a lighter green on top (you can use the color paint you have and pour a little white paint if you already have. Mix more than necessary, but with the white would not be necessary expensive and enamel was referenced in another post or two. Using a bag reuses something, not having to buy again. Jumping the wall you do not want a lot of painting in the bag. It really goes well also if you have two people. poncing one and a "fringe your jumps"

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