Slim Tea Dieter

Slim Tea Dieter

7-day diet is based on the cabbage from burning fat food. The diet of 7 days can be very rigid and difficult to stick, but promises up to 10 pounds loss weight per week. Basically, 7 day diet plan cabbage soup with is this:

On the first day you can eat all fruits, except bananas, and cabbage soup. The only beverage allowed is water and unsweetened tea. The cabbage soup is created using a head of cabbage, onions, green peppers, the onion soup mix, garlic cloves, 2 vegetable bouillon cubes, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato juice, and extra spices to suit your tastes. Simply cut or dice all vegetables together in a large pot. Add water to cover all ingredients and place on stove over high heat. Allow this to come to boil, then simmer and simmer for 10 minutes until all vegetables are tender.

Day 2 of the diet for 7 days allows a person to eat all raw or cooked vegetables to choose from, along with the soup above. No fruit allowed on this day, but for a dinner of a dieter can include a baked potato with a pat of butter. For the 3rd day of the 7-day diet, a dieter can eat all the soup as described above of your choice, along with fruits and vegetables without potatoes for dinner. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day is needed.

Day 4 of the diet requires 7 days eat bananas and skim milk, up to 8 bananas on this day alone with the soup as much as a person wants to eat. Again should be 8 glasses of water taken in this day. Day 5 is eating 20 ounces of beef and 6 fresh tomatoes and 10 glasses of water. The soup should be eaten once that day, at least, but the diet can also eat skinless chicken instead of beef.

Day 6 allowed to eat much vegetables and meat or chicken as a person is willing, together with the soup. It also recommends the adoption of 8 large glasses of water this day. Day 7 of the diet for 7 days allowing brown rice and unsweetened fruit juice and vegetables are eaten. The soup should be fed twice a day, along with 8 glasses of water.

Diet for 7 days at work, it is recommended that drinking water with each meal and between meals with snacks. The water allows the stomach to feel as if greater, thus decreasing the amount of food you eat that. Also recommended that vitamins taken daily to help keep the body nourished, as the foods that are prescribed in the diet are not capable of supplying the body completely with amounts necessary daily vitamins. is a rich and independent information source answering all your questions on cabbage soup diet and weight loss: How to make the cabbage soup, recipe variations, different 7 Day Diet plans, tips for best results, and much more.


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