Tiny Rose Like

Tiny Rose Like
What is wrong with my plant and how can I fix it?

I have this tiny rose … or at least that is what is supposed to be. I keep it inside in my room at my window. I went to water today because its been a while since I had and was still very wet. There were these little like web things and small flies around and around it. On top of that, I once saw a yellow spider within the plant, making a home. My plant is dying I do not know what to do to save him. Please help.

Several problems here. 1-Roses are outdoor plants. They will not properly cultivated indoors. Need full sun. 2-The ground is too wet. The soil should be slightly wet as a squeezed sponge. If wet, the plant literally drowns. 3-Good has mites spider, or fungus gnats. Mites are usually too small to see with the naked eye, so I suspect some other type of spider, simply chose to make its website that it could capture some of the fungus gnats infesting the ground and flying around. The best thing you could do is plant air center you can receive full sun, stop drowning the poor, and sprinkle with a little neem oil to kill the fungus gnats. If you can not plant outdoors for some right, at least transplant it out of the sodden earth. ASAP

Don’t I Know You? (Ten/Rose/Mickey mini episode)

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