Sponge Tip

Sponge Tip

When we sail through beauty magazines or online forums, it is often difficult to find something for the women of Asia in terms of makeup tips and styles. If you are of Asian or maybe just someone who would like to achieve that look distinctive and beautiful Asian eyes, this article reveals a few things help you on your way. After all – every woman deserves the chance to play with makeup and create a beautiful face of the head into the crowd with confidence.

We must bear in mind that the biggest dilemma is present in many Asian girls is the lack of a natural fold in the upper eyelid. That is why beauty tips that many just will not suffice. In extreme cases, some young women have surgery to open their eyes and make the application makeup easier. We do not recommend this in any case, at least not when there are better ways to get around it. By experimenting with different eyes makeup, we can the impression of a wrinkle, without surgery.

– Creation of a wrinkle. If you can imagine where I would fold, leaving the shade Eye brown or gray, which is a pair of shades deeper than your natural skin color and apply. After you apply a lighter shade for the rest of eyelid and a score just below the eyebrow. For a further challenge look, take a slightly darker shade than you used to create a crease and sweep from the outside "v" to the lower lashes.

– Eyeliner. For most this means black or brown, cover both eyes top and bottom – or both. If eyeliner is usually a part of their essential equipment and eye shadow is not your thing – try to deviate from the basic black or brown. Add some dimension with color, bold or subtle, if there are many variations to try. A personal favorite of mine is a black background with a touch of gold – if you decide to apply the paste a bit of gold is more evident. On the other hand, be brave and pick from the shades of plum, sapphire and green forests – all of whom are on strike against dark eyes. If you can find one with a sponge-tipped applicator, which are brilliant to get that smoky eye look.

– The tabs. A typical Asian girl will not be blessed with long curly eyelashes – but that applies to many girls, Asian or not. There are ways to get around this, most commonly by using a curling good tabs. Keep tabs for about ten seconds before applying mascara from the base of the lashes and to the ends. Once the mascara is dry you can use curls again if necessary. There is a plan B – false eyelashes. You can buy all or individual chapters to add to the corners of the eyes.

– Colors. skin tones of Asian lead to more muted colors, with most girls that attention to your eyes with smoky eyes. With dark eyes and hair, Asian girls can use darker shadows and pull it – even black. Gold, bronze or any shade of brown are perfect to wear during the day. A matte or satin better complement Asian skin – with highlights being the least favored option.

I hope these tips have helped discover new ways to wear your makeup accentuate its beauty.

Nancy has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. Not only does this author specializes in weight loss, you can also check out her latest website on Makeup Tips which reviews some of the Nail Designs which you can do it yourself.

Sponge Tip Challenge Tutorial

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