Stretching Therapy

Stretching Therapy
what are different ways I can help again pinched nerves, except for sections and therapy?

What you are probably suffering of is TMS (tension myositis syndrome). Myo means muscle. Your back muscle is tense. Because there is not enough blood flow that carries blood oxygen it needs for that area and that is, what causes the pain. I bet that when you take a hot shower, it feels a little better, but not by much time, that's because the heat causes the blood flow in motion. I understand your pain, as I have suffered the same symptoms, through my life. I even thought for a long time I had a pinched nerve, until recently learned that there is no such thing. He believes that there is nothing wrong with you structually. Stresses, large and small are to blame here. Today, write down all the things that bother you, go back as much as you can, be aware of all guilt and resentment that he has and believe me we all have them.Let go, do not let you move forward. Think you have the power to deal with any situation you may face, today and every day thereafter. Dawn

Paul Turner on Stretch Therapy Part 1

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