Hydroponics Grow Light

Hydroponics Grow Light
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1. How seedlss fruit produced? 2. Why do some plants contain poisons? 3. Why only short plants grow is the tundra? 4. Describe four natural methods of dispersal seed. 5. Where hydroponics could be used and why? 6. What wavelength (color) of light is better for plants? 7. Why carnivourous some plants? 8. Phototropism How work? 9. How does geotropism work? 10. How are desert plants adapted for survival? 11. Why would a farmer want to grow graft fruit trees? 12. Why photosenthesis is called a two-part process? 13. Why is pollination cross better for some plants? 14. Describe the three types of fruit. 15. How do spines help a cactus survive? 16. Where do new cells form in the root the plant? 17. What are the functions of the interior of a leaf? 18. What are the functions that extirior of a leaf? 19. How are the leaves of monocots different from dicots? 20. How are the flowering parts of monocots different from dicots?

Genetics 20 1 Engineering or miscegenation. 2 not to be eaten. Increase survivability. 3 wind and temperature. Stick 'head' you and it will freeze / dry. 4 wind / parachute / springsystem / birddroppings / sticky, messy and laborious 5Less capacity less. crop production and relatively low cost continuous and predictable. 6The photosynthetic action spectrum depends on the type of accessory pigments present. For example, green plants, the action spectrum resembles the absorption spectrum of chlorophylls and carotenoids, with peaks Light blue-violet and red. In red algae, the action spectrum overlaps the absorption spectrum of phycobilins for blue-green light, which allows these algae to grow in deeper waters that filter wavelengths are no longer used by green plants. The unabsorbed portion of the light spectrum is what gives color photosynthetic organisms (plants green, red algae, purple bacteria) and is the least effective for photosynthesis in the respective agencies. 7 The lack of natural sources 8 9 10 surface of less than 11 save water Keep the crop at a level that can be reached easily 12-dependent reactions light and light-independent reactions 13 diverce Keep a genetic profile. Increases the survival of the species. Http: / / / wiki / Fruit 14 15 against the water. 16 thieves at the tip. 17 Keep form of defense. transport water and nutrients. Photosynthesis and retention watwr 18. 19 Emrionic number of leaves. 20

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