Italian Large Leaf

Italian Large Leaf

Light up your boring life with a little color. The favorite color of green that the nature of trees and forests, design and plan an herb garden leaf perennial with green and red 'full o' green and yellow. Spring brings exuberance that culminates in the flower of flowers and herbs. Urges summer heat plants in the 'theme gardens invite you to light touch and textured green leaves, exotic aromas get fresh, fresh air and breathe from your herb garden. The shorter days of autumn bring nasturtiums to bloom and cover the pepper plants with red fruits of fire. If you decide to have a perennial herb garden in the country, the question arises how you go about designing it. You can have your own themes as – Healing Garden, Culinary Garden, Fragrance Garden, Tea herb garden, herb garden Italian and so on. The designs can be broadly based on the seasons or popular topics that are described below:

Orchard Garden
A small vegetable garden or in the traditional French cuisine is known as' garden Garden. A garden can Garden contain edible and inedible (flavor, color) herbs. Inedible plants flower flowers are used to enhance the beauty of the garden. A well-designed and carefully planned gardens can provide culinary herbs, flowers and vegetables all year round in all seasons. The orchard garden need not be a miniature version of the old farmland, but the design may vary with the aesthetic landscape, lawns and ornamental plants with flowers blossoms. The garden may have a section independent of herbs and vegetables. Garden A garden structure can be designed with repetitive geometric patterns such as circle, triangle, and oblong shapes to give visual appeal throughout the year and a selection of perennials and annual plantings.

Cottage garden
Cottage Garden Herbs is nothing but a different design and informal traditional plants, dense green foliage, ornamental and culinary. Also known as English gardens, the central theme of focus and attention of these gardens is the grace and charm rather than the formal grandeur and glamorous designs. Cozy Cottage gardens go back several centuries and in Currently, reinvented in style with more structure and artistic creations. Traditional home gardens were flowering plants like roses, daisies, pansies, spur gentleman including beehives and livestock. The emphasis is on the abundant vegetation of vegetables and herbs, along with fruit trees. You can design a garden herbs in a sunny cottage full of paving roads marked with curved coated screws and a rustic seat to relax.

Witches Garden
Witches Garden is a garden of herbs specifically designed and used for growing culinary herbs and medicinal or magical. For centuries, people knew, the women and monks, after discovering the healing power of herbs I started using them to treat minor ailments and older. During the medieval period, monks and nuns acquired the medical knowledge and medicinal herbs grown in the gardens needed, especially for healing. They were mistaken for the common people as witches or evil supernatural powers and who were condemned for centuries. There are plenty of herbs that can aspire. All herbs like rosemary, sage, aloe vera, parsley, mint, henbane, marjoram, rue, angelica, basil have powerful healing.

If you are concerned about the look empty and your garden grass in winter, plant some sweet red branches branch of cherry red and green Sedum are maintained throughout the winter. Plant some vines on the side of road threshold window to looking and living. Bamboo, ornamental grasses and Italian parsley are three plants used by avid gardeners deeply in the winter. While the aforementioned issues are indicative of the traditions and can be used to start a herb garden, there is always room for innovation, "mix and match," while creating an herb garden with a single theme.

Sudhir Naik co-wrote the above article with Shraddha N. and has been caring for herbs for over 20 years. He is a contributing writer to site – providing information and tips on herb garden design. He enjoys sharing his expertise of herb gardening and invites you to get his FREE Evergreen Herb Gardening Mini-Course where he guarantees you’ll be successful growing fresh herbs in 7 days, at the information packed website

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