Orchid Flower Plant

Orchid Flower Plant
I have an orchid plant that lost all its flowers. Is the flowers re-bloom or not to pay to keep it?

A friend of mine bought me orchid plant a few months back. Since then, the flowers have fallen. The leaves of the database appear fine, but one stem has died. Since then I cut the steam and wonder if the plant will continue to grow and flourish, or is a species once agreed.

If you take proper care of it, must continue to grow and eventually flourish again. While the various shops that sell orchids to the public would love to have people treat them as annuals (follow pulling out when the flowers are dying and the purchase of new plants to replace them), that can actually be very durable, and the flowers become more spectacular as the plant grows. Takes a little work and patience, but worth it. First, you should try to identify the type of orchid that you have. See link below for try to help you identify your orchids. Once you know the general type that is, you can obtain information on the care and flowering. With a bit of orchids, once the flower is gone, the flower spike dies too. However, some orchids will put a new branch in the old flower spike and bloom in that besides putting a new flower spike, so do not just cut out a flower spike of age unless it dries quickly. Take care of your orchid. After flowering, you may need to rest a bit, so do not start giving fertilizer designed to get to bloom again. In fact, fertilizer salts can be harmful for an orchid – not fertilize too often, and use of a weak concentration. Depending on the type of orchid flowers and how often, you may want give a couple of months to a year before starting to provide it with the conditions of flowering again. Keep your eyes peeled on the basis of the plant. With some types of orchids, new growth going sideways, with the new growth that appear alongside those of middle age, with others, the new growth actually increased, with new leaves that fall at the top of the old leaves. Anyway, you should be able to see signs of new growth over the coming months. Do not give up hope for flowers to bloom again. Orchids take their own time – we've had some orchids for years that have yet to flourish, and others that bloom every year. Most important: identify your orchid, and to provide the conditions that need, and you'll have beautiful flowers for years to come. I may be contacted by e-mail if you need more pointers. Good luck.

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