Potted Coast Live

Potted Coast Live
How fast are supposed pepper seeds to grow?

I planted a few pepper seeds in pots last year just in my house and windows, but they to sunlight and heat (I live on the coast so it is very hot throughout the year amount). Most of them grew about one inch with 2 small leaves sprouting from the top, but a little and stopped only recently started to fall leaves and stems began fulminating. Around 3 months, I planted a fresh seed in another small saucepan. This man grew very fast at first and then decreased as the others. It continues to grow while very slowly. It is 3 inches and now I wonder how long will it take to grow bigger with more leaves …?

In zone 5 began peppers indoors in March and now are about five inches high. I moved to the freezing outdoors when stopped, although most are still in pots. They like heat and should trigger when summer arrives. FYI brought me last year and spent the winter in some pepper plants, which produced throughout the winter in my kitchen. I did not know that self-pollination, and only recently learned that are perennial in frost-free areas.

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