Natural Hair

Natural Hair
How can I make my natural hair chemically straighten again after this?

I'm sorry to get my hair straightened two months ago has severely damaged my hair. Now, I want my natural wavy hair back. Is there any way to make chemicals that disappear faster? Cutting the hair is not an option as it is still quite short (median duration).

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the chemicals. You have to cut the hair straightened. You can transition from the straight look by setting her hair in rollers for curly / wavy look back while periodically trimming the ends. I would not recommend curling your hair with a curling iron, since it is already damaged. There are many things you can do to maximize growth his hair, so its natural waves grow faster. Try to drink plenty of water, fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, a multivitamin, scalp massage. Basically, the healthier your body, the faster the hair will grow, * * but most people only grow 1 / 2 "a month at best. However, this could be a new CEO soon hair if your hair is medium length. Hope this helps, Kaya

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