Mimosa Sensitive Plant

Mimosa Sensitive Plant
Help with plant growth? Has anyone grown a very sensitive plant?

I want to grow sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica). I'll get seeds on Ebay (thats the only place where I could find), but do not really know what to do from there. I've never grown anything before, so really do not even know the basics, not to mention anything specific about these plants. Any help is appreciated!

This is a roadside weed in all the tropics, for what appear to be quite robust. They are very easy to grow, I have seen in many botanical gardens and seem to be able to withstand a lot of manipulation by visitors. Such as the tropics, susceptible plants will not be able to withstand frost, so you will have to grow indoors, or in a greenhouse. Are also a year, so you will need to grow plants every year from seed. There is a very useful page on how to grow here: Basically plants seeds in the compost and cover with a plastic bag, which is removed once they germinate. Keep the heat and keep the compost damp but not soggy.

Mimosa Pudica – The Sensitive Plant

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