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Soft Dense

The exotic cat breed is the result of a cross between the American and short-haired Persian performed in the United States around 1960. The Exotic Shorthair was recognized by the CFA in 1966. Crosses were made also with the Russian blue and Burma during the breeding program, however, since 1987, the only race is permissible cross-pollination Persian. They have almost the same body as the Persian, but a thick coat, short dense. These cats appeal to people who like the personality of the Persians, but not want the task of preparing a long-haired cat. They have become known as "The Lazy Man's Persian."

The following description aspect is provided to help you decide if exotic cat breed is for you, your family and lifestyle.

Appearance Description

or identical the Persians in all respects, except for coat length

Luxury coat or shorter than the Persians

The hair is medium or long and does not seem at the hands of any other short-haired cat

o No collar around the neck and hairless with tail feathers

o The skin is a little shorter on the face and legs, but otherwise, including all

or Its texture should not be silky or fibrous, but must be half soft

o Hair must be dense, as the shelter winter a bear or a mountain goat

or exotic type layer does not exist in any other breed of cat, which is strictly the result of combining the Persians and Shorthairs

or just about any coat color that occurs naturally in the cat can also be found in the exotic and almost all can be registered and shows

Exotic or tend to follow the trend of popularity of the Persians

o Since 1990, bicolor and calico Persians have become very popular and numerous

or combined with black and red striped white or brown, or blue makes a very impressive cat

Colors are solid black or lynx point to from copper-eyed white chocolate spotted tabby, brown tabby classic purple smoke

O Most commonly seen colors are blue, black, cream or red, tortoiseshell and tabby

or an exotic few are displayed with the Himalayan color pattern

o There are almost never smoke

o The first alien to become a Grand Champion was the shade of silver. Silvers are extremely rare.

The description of personality following offers to help decide whether the exotic cat breed is for you, your family and lifestyle.

Personality description

or nature silent as the Persian

or not there is a lot of his personality is the short hair

or docile and affectionate

or If introduced in a house with dogs and children, are easily and quickly adapt and become playmates mistress

o They are not destructive

o They do not climb curtains or chewing blankets and rarely use their claws

or can easily be trained NOT to jump on the kitchen counter or dining room table

o They are not more demanding for your attention

o They just sit in a window and watch the world go and meditate or just snooze all day while you are away

o They are outgoing and friendly, however, can approach strangers with caution

or Nocturnal animals by nature more active at night and early in the morning they are playful and very busy

o They have the ability to entertain for hours with simple toys, like a piece paper or a ball

o Enjoy your meal tremendously

Cleaning Tips

o A quality steel comb is all that is needed

or Shield or entanglement generally do not mate, however, a brief but complete combed once or twice a week is recommended

o During the fall time, every day hair may be necessary

o A good cat insurance, pet shampoo works well without tears

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