Plastic Speed

Plastic Speed
A lot of motorcycles have plastic parts, painted Chromium (headlamps, trip odometer, speed, etc.).?

"The biggest 1600 and 1800cc bikes real chrome? Is the added price of having an actual value is chromium?

A lot of Japanese bikes were chrome plated plastic (and Japanese cars!) not Harleys, but are much more expensive. So it's a matter of how much it is worth to you. I bought a BMW in 1983. Yet I have that bike. I was told at the time that this would be the last bike I ever need. It took more than a Japanese bike, but Japanese bicycles were "disposable" and this machine would last all my life, so it was cheaper in the long term. It's true. I still have that bike. But it is a 'vintage' bike now and do not have enough the performance of a modern motorcycle. If you add up all the costs of maintaining the bike and that probably could have bought three Japanese bikes at the time, and now would most modern motorcycle. Do not get me wrong, I love my Beemer, but it's a different way of looking at it. The motorcycles are sold in the U.S. as "toys. Nobody wants a 10-year-old bicycle. You can not even get the grant to work on a bike over 10 years old! As recreational devices, bicycles are usually mounted below 5000 km. per year. So what's the point of making a bike that will last 20 years and 200,000 miles to go? Harleys and Beemers are different. They cost so much that you do not want to scrap them. I do not think they are mechanically better than Japanese bikes, but are constructed of materials that will last a bit nice more like real chrome plated parts.

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