Flower Seeds Grape

Flower Seeds Grape
Tips for a plant and flower garden?

I have a garden full of weeds and grass, and I intend to make it into the soil and plants of plants and flowers there. Some things that have germinated and they intend to plant: Grape Tomatoes Tomatoes (early Big boys and girls) (purchased like a plant) Celery JalapeƱos butterfly flower Zinnia flower of strawberry (bought as a plant) – Some have not yet, but the seeds have germinated: Watermelon – Some of which I intend to plant: Corn Chips – I did a lot of work on the grass and I was about 80% done. Unfortunately for me it was a rain pouring all week and out, I can not do anything with the garden. I was surprised to discover the whole garden began to grow weeds. Any tips on how to quickly dispose of my garden, and some general advice for what I'm growing?

Try a "hoe fight" with has a narrow blade sharpened on both ends. It's great for removing weeds from the surface. By creating a new area for planting techniques I like the book "Lasagna Gardening". Can not remember the author. Basically it uses layers of putting up the land. I use bags of soil, kitchen waste (no pull eggshells, coffee grounds, peel onion) they just put on earth to cover with grass clippings, more land, etc. The layers do not have to be very deep at all. All you have on hand. Last year I made the strawberry plants, and not wait for the piles of layers of corruption at all. This spring, my plants Strawberry runners are huge with unbelievable! Also, to make a raised bed cheap: I use the cat litter containers and place the inner layers, using large amount of soil in the planting medium and immediately. I will create 2 to 3 people for plantations thus requiring successive plantings. I also use the big red Folgers coffee containers. This percentage is lower, but is a large lettuce / radish bed.

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